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Joint Venture Offers Comprehensive Medical Device Manufacturing Services

Venta Medical®: A Joint Venture between Delta Pacific Products and Venture Manufacturing Group Inc. Offers True Turn-Key Medical Device manufacturing

UNION CITY, Calif. - November 10, 2010 - Medical and life sciences companies in need of comprehensive medical device manufacturing services can now take advantage of the unique one stop manufacturing services offered by a new joint venture called Venta Medical®.

Venta Medical®, a partnership between industry icons Delta Pacific Products  and
Venture Manufacturing Group, provides local turn-key manufacturing resource solutions to both established OEMs and start-ups in need of services including planning, procurement, production and distribution.

"We're bringing plastic injection molding, Press-to-CER device manufacturing, packaging, and distribution under one roof, offering customers the irresistible opportunity to save money and cut time to market," said Karl Im, Venta Medical co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Our unique "Press-to CER" concept is an internal dock-to-stock program that will save customers the cost of planning, buying, inspecting, and stocking their molded components. Venta's value-added concept gives customers the advantages of economy of scale offered by two long-established and reputable companies, Delta Pacific and Venture Manufacturing," said Im.

Venta's medical manufacturing services company is an ideal joint venture between established industry leaders offering injection molding and manufacturing services from a single vendor. Supplier management, component sourcing, assembly, packaging, and distribution of sterile finished product are among the proven areas of expertise for the partners of Venta Medical®. Venta features a reliable streamlined production opportunity for both OEMs and start-ups that allows customers to focus on their core competencies, comfortable in the knowledge that their product is in good hands.

'Venta offers a single point of accountability for customers," said Fred Betke, President of Delta Pacific and co-founder of Venta Medical®. "No more finger
-pointing or chasing after sub-contractors if there's a hiccup in the manufacturing process. Plus, with single-source molding and manufacturing, customers can save 10, 15, even 20 percent on their molded component costs,” added Betke. "Venta
Medical also promises customers transparency in pricing to allow companies to accurately plan the out-the-door expenses of their product manufacturing."

"Creative companies can hit a bottleneck when faced with the financing and logistical problems inherent in the required infrastructure for the manufacture of high-quality medical products," said Bill Northum, General Manager of Venta Medical®. "Venta is offering a suite of services that can be tailored to fit any size company, and we have the experience, expertise, and reputation to inspire absolute customer confidence."

Venta Medical® is being announced today at the BIOMEDevice show in San Jose, CA. For more information about Venta Medical®, please visit its web site at ventamedical.com.

About Venture Manufacturing Group Inc.

Venture Manufacturing Group (VMG) is a medical device contract manufacturer providing services to medical device start-ups and established companies. VMG, founded in 2001, has proven its ability as an outsourcing partner in all stages of medical device development and manufacturing, delivering improved ROI for its customers.

About Delta Pacific Products Inc.

Delta Pacific Products is a full-service plastic injection molding company that has been a leader in the Plastic Injection Molding and Mold Making and Design Industry for over 22 years. With a 33,000 square foot ISO 9001:2008-certified facility in Union City, California, Delta Pacific Products has a solid reputation for producing quality plastic products and building partnerships among a variety of industries throughout the world. Medical and life sciences customers comprise approximately 80% of its business, and the computer, automotive, agriculture, aerospace, recreational, and consumer product industries are also served by the company.