A Laserage Subsidiary

Capabilities | Cost-effective, multi-capabilities

Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities

Quality Management Systems

  • ISO 13485:2003, California FDB licensed facility, and FDA Registered
  • Process Verification and/or Validation
  • Incoming and In-Process Quality Inspection
  • Sterilized Product Acceptance and Release

Manufacturing Processes

  • Electro Mechanical Assembly
  • Mechanical crimping
  • Tray Sealing
  • Pouch Sealing
  • Tension and Compression Testing
  • Soldering
  • Catheter shaft lamination
  • UV Adhesive bonding
  • High temperature fusing
  • Catheter Shaft braiding
  • Laser welding

Post-Manufacturing Processes

  • Thermal Transfer Product Labeling
  • Sterilization Coordination
  • Finished Goods Management – Ship to Order

Supply Chain Management

  • Plan material to your forecast
  • Select and Approve Suppliers
  • Procure Material to your forecast
  • Inventory raw material and sub-assemblies
  • Provide inventory reports on demand